Thursday, July 29, 2010

Company Helping to Revitalize America

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Ramblers Way. All opinions are 100% mine.

What does Made in America mean to you? Do you hold that standard high? I know that that is important to me. I really feel that this is an important part of America. And is vital to America's economy. I wish there were more companies that would keep things made in America. Instead of outsourcing their products. This is being done, I guess for cheaper labor elsewhere, but it has shut down a lot of factories in America. And it has affected whole communities and really started to deconstruct America.

It is very nice to find out that there is a company that is trying to help revitalize America. This company is Ramblers Way Farm. They are the makers of fine woolen apparel. And they use 100% domestic resources. Ramblers Way sources, grows, and produces their products all with domestic resources.

Ever go to a small town, or do you live in a small town that is losing all their small "Mom & Pop" shops? Downtown areas historically have been anchored by these business. Well more and more they are closing down and leaving these towns. Being replaced in suburbs by strip malls. Very sad, I think.

Well that is one cool way that Ramblers Way is trying to help too. They have made their Corporate Office from a fully refurbished building. It is located in Kennebunk, Maine. And this building is from 1792. It has been restored to it's original condition, with some modern touches to meet today's environmental standards.

This is really a great thing this company is doing. Not only are they keeping the Made in America standard they are also trying to preserve small towns by bringing manufacturing back into distressed communities. They are helping revitalize America! Very Cool!
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  1. Our downtown is full of mom and pops, but they keep closing and new ones attempt to open. It's terribly sad to see.