Monday, January 28, 2008

Fun Things To Do In The Winter

Here's some ideas for fun things to do in winter with little or no money. If you have kids and are sick of sitting in the house all winter, but don't have a lot of money, here's some fun things to do to get out of the house without really spending any money:

Go sledding! If you live where there's a lot of snow (like here in NH) take the kids sledding! My kids love it. It's fun, gets them outdoors and it's free!

Go for a walk in the woods! Get your boots on, warm coat, hats and mittens and take a hike! Enjoy nature in wintertime! Who knows what interesting things you'll see. Once again it's fun, good exercise, and free!

Go snowshoeing! Depending if you have snow shoes. It will cost you to buy them, obviously, but we happened to get them from Grammy for Christmas. But once you own them it's a fun thing to do with the kids. The kids love trekking through the snow in fields, hiking trails or wherever you want! Some places with hiking trails even rent snow shoes for a small fee. Check in your area!

And if it's just to cold or the weather doesn't permit getting out for the day. Think of fun things to do inside. One thing my kids like doing is "Dinner and a Movie." As a special treat, if we've been stuck inside all day, we'll pop in a DVD and instead of the usual meal at the dinner table, they get to eat in front of the TV while watching a movie! It doesn't sound like much, but the kids think it's fun!

The important thing is to not let winter (or money) stop you from having fun with your family!

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