Saturday, October 9, 2021

October SSV Vitamins (Superior Source Vitamins) : Stay Fortified and healthy This Fall #giveaway


disclosure: free products to review

Hey everybody, Happy October & welcome the Fall Season!  There's a  review & giveaway for you today here on the blog. I am excited to share this with you. Please read on for more details. (you can also search my blog for my other posts on SSV vitamins) 

Theme: Stay Fortified and Healthy This FallWith COVID again on the rise and the flu season       looming on the horizon,it is important to stay healthy and take your vitaminsparticularly ones that support immune health anclarity of mind.Stay Fortified and Healthy This Fall with Microlingual® tablets from Superior Source.Taking Superior Source Vitamins is easy because there are NO PILLS to SWALLOW! With over 120 vitamins,there are vitamins for everyone, young old and every need. Best of all,Superior Source Vitamins are MicroLingual® with “Under the Tongue Technology” thaworks fast, and are quickly absorbed into the body, dissolving in seconds. Did you know that... by swallowing supplements, as much as 50%of the potency is lost in the high acid environment of the stomach


Like the above says I am trying to stay healthy this Fall. And already got my flu shot, but an extra boost from these vitamins can't hurt either! 

I really love SSV vitamins! They dissolve pretty quickly. I can't wait to try all the  ones in this pack! I love that there are no pills to swallow, because I've always had a problem with that! I would really recommend these products to you. The pills are also tiny! which is really awesome! (see image below:)


One winner (US lower 48 only) will win:

Superior SourceVitamins5-Pack:  ($85Value)

VitaminB-12 1000 mcg
• VitaminD3 5000 mcg
• Advanced Zinc  
Extra Strength Folic Acid
• ChildrensEchinacea & Zinc Lozenjets

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  1. I would like to win this because I have already tried superior source vitamins and know that they have earned their name as they truly are superior

  2. I need to start taking more supplements .

  3. I would love to win these to add to my daily regimen. Love the tiny easy take & travel with!

  4. These look like exactly what I need. I have some supplements that I currently take but they are expensive and the capsules are so big and hard to swallow! These look SO much better and I would really love to try them!

  5. As a senior and with COVID still around and flu season I need all the help I can gt to stay health.

  6. I would like to win this because it looks very useful.

  7. I would like to win this because vitamins are good for you.

  8. My husband and I would love to win this! We were just talking about ways to improve our health with everything going on right now!

  9. I would like to win this because I feel better when I supplement. I can't always afford to buy them though.

  10. I would like to win because I have a hard time paying for the vitamins and supplements that I need, so this would be nice to win.