Monday, June 29, 2020

3 Things New Horse Owners Should Know

If you’ve just bought a horse for the first time or are thinking about getting one, there are a few things you should know. Having a horse has countless benefits, from boosting your physical activity to teaching you time and money management. However, they also come with new responsibilities. Read on to learn more about the three essential things you should keep in mind when getting your first horse.

1. Get Insurance

You insure your house and your car, and insuring your horse is just as important. If your horse suddenly gets injured or falls ill, for instance, having a good policy could mean accessing quality treatment without being worried about whether you can afford it. Try getting a horse insurance quote to find a policy that works for your budget.

2. Find a Good Veterinarian

Just as you need to see a doctor on a regular basis to make sure you’re staying healthy, your horse also needs to see a good veterinarian. Taking the time to find quality healthcare providers for your horse when you first adopt one will save you time later on, should the need arise to take your horse in for care. Start a relationship with a good veterinarian now, and you can rest easy that your horse's health is in good hands.

3. Take Some Riding Lessons

In order to avoid accidents, it’s important to have some experience with horse riding. Taking riding lessons is the best way to do this, as you can learn from the experienced handlers and understand how to read horses’ body language better. Before you start going out on horseback, it’s also essential to master basic skills like saddling up.

Owning your own horse is exciting and can be the start of a meaningful lifelong bond. Follow these three tips and you’ll be on your way to years of love and enjoyment with your new horse.

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