Friday, April 24, 2020

Helping Your Kid to Make the Right Decision About Their Future: A Guide

If you remember what it felt like to be a teenager, you will know the uncertainty, confusion, and overwhelming emotions of being a teenager. This can make it exceedingly difficult for them to make a decision that will effectively- or so it may seem- dictate the rest of their lives, and it falls to you to help them throughout this difficult time. If you want to help your kids to make the right life decisions as they enter adulthood, here is a guide to what you can do to make the process easier.
Look at College Acceptance Rates

If your child is set on college, then you should try to help them to make the right decision on which college to apply to in any way that you can. For instance, you should encourage them to research college acceptance rates for their top-listed colleges, with CampusReel offering details on a range of different institutions, including UVM GPA requirements. This will ensure that you can help them to find an educational institute that is right for them and that they are likely to meet the admission requirements. You should also consider taking them to open days across the country. This will allow them to get a taste of daily college life and a flavor of the campuses that they feel at home within, as well as an opportunity to speak to lecturers and hear about the modules that they may be able to take.
Open Them Up to New Opportunities

The best way to help your child to find the career path that they want to follow and the life goals that may interest them is to open them up to new opportunities as much as possible. For instance, you may encourage them to look for work experience offers and volunteering positions where they will be able to experience different types of job roles and industries to find one that they are passionate about.
Consider the Help You Can Give Them

Although you might not believe it, as a parent, you are one of the most valuable resources in their life when it comes to helping them to achieve the future that they have envisioned. In this way, you should consider the help that you can give them. For instance, you may be able to speak to people in your network that could help to boost your teenager’s career options and potential, or you may be able to provide support for any special needs that they may have. If you are unable to help them with certain factors, you should consider finding the help that they need, such as employing the aid of a career coach or admissions team.
Focus on Their Own Choices

However, throughout this process, you need to ensure that you are focusing on their own career goals, rather than what you may want for their future. To do this, you should encourage them to lead a discussion about the goals and vision that they have for the future and the pathways that they are considering to aim for these.

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