Thursday, February 20, 2020

Turning Your Office Eco-Friendly with Light Bulbs

Unfortunately, we are in a bit of an environmental crisis, and that means that everyone, residents, business owners, and more will need to take steps to help lower their environmental footprint. While this may sound like a daunting task, it’s actually very simple to do so, and there are many small ways that can leave a much larger imprint. One option is turning your office eco-friendly with light bulbs. LED light bulbs are great options for improving your lighting needs, while also helping with waste and finances.

LED light bulbs save companies money, time, and will burn brighter and longer than other counterparts, thus creating less waste. All of this combines together to help make them a greener choice than other options, especially older bulbs that used mercury in them. LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are becoming more and more common, and you may find that you already use some in your office or even in your home, without even realizing it. 

What Makes LED So Great?

LED lights burn brighter, for longer, and generate less heat. By burning brighter, without using any more energy, you are getting a better lighting solution, while being able to use less lighting, which can help cut down on your power bills. When light bulbs last longer, you are able to go longer without replacing them, which will cut down on costs as well. LED bulbs may have a slightly higher initial purchase price, but when you get a much larger lighting lifespan, it is well worth the slight upcharge, and ultimately you’ll still wind up saving money. Finally, they generate less heat. While it may not seem like that’s a huge deal, it actually can be detrimental to your finances and the environment. In an office setting, if all of your bulbs give off higher heat signals as they burn all day, that will contribute to a slight rise in the temperature of the office. This higher temperature can require the air conditioning to run longer or more often, which results in higher bills for you, and in higher emissions going into the environment. Luckily, LED eliminates all of these issues, providing a safe, quality option. Some are even Energy Star certified, so you can rest assured you are doing good for the environment while lighting your office.

So Many Styles

Another concern that you won’t have is finding the right type of bulb in LED. This style is becoming more and more common, so it is likely that you will have no issues finding the necessary bulb for your business. From smaller bulbs that work great for desk lamps or smaller lighting throughout the office to larger outdoor floodlights that can help keep your employees and business safe, there is an option for every business need in LED light bulbs.

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