Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How to Stay Cool This Summer

Summer is here, so it's important for you and your family to find ways to stay cool. Keeping your house and your family members at a comfortable temperature can sometimes be a struggle. If you're worried about high electricity costs, here are a few simple ways to stay cool this summer.

Stay Hydrated
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Drinking fluids during hot weather is very important. The most essential fluid is water. Unlike sodas or other sugary drinks, water is the one liquid that can keep you hydrated. There are many health benefits to drinking water, including keeping your energy levels up and maintaining a healthy body temperature.

There are a few tips to remember to help you stay hydrated in the summer months. One is to drink enough water to prevent thirst. This is a mistake that many make, as they start drinking only after they feel thirsty. Another one is if you're outside or exercising in the heat for 60 minutes or more, then you should drink plenty of water to replace the fluids you lose during exercise.

Use the Right Fabrics
If you want to stay cool in the heat, another way to do that is to wear light clothing. Try to wear clothing made from lightweight fabrics, such as rayon or linen. Rayon is perfect material for most sportswear and summer dresses. Wearing light-colored clothing can also help with the heat, since colors like white or other light shades reflect the sun. In contrast, black and other dark clothes absorb the heat.

Bedrooms can also get hot in the summer, which may make sleeping uncomfortable. Cotton sheets will keep you cool at night. Light-colored bed linens made of cotton are breathable and can wick away perspiration. Cotton helps promote airflow and keeps you cool and dry, unlike synthetic fabrics that don't promote ventilation.

Keep the Kitchen Cool
Turning on your oven will heat up your house. If you're trying to save money on your electricity bill during the summer months, then there are a few things you can do. These tips will help keep your kitchen and house from getting too hot and will take some pressure off your air conditioner

Using appliances other than the oven will keep your kitchen and house from getting too hot. Try cooking with the microwave, slow cooker, or even an electric skillet. These will save energy and produce less heat than your oven does. Cooking outdoors on your barbecue, grill, or even an outdoor pizza oven is another great idea for the summer. Not only is it fun to have a cookout with friends and family, but doing this will also keep your home's interior cool.

Following these tips will ensure that you keep both your house and your family cool this summer without always having to rely on your air conditioner. If you do need to turn on your HVAC system in the hot weather, then you should make sure that you've had it serviced for the season.

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