Wednesday, March 1, 2017

IN THIS LIFE: book review & #giveaway

Hi everyone, I just finished a really good book called In This Life, by Christine Brae.

Here is short description of book:

Wanting to escape her life in New York City before starting medical school in the fall, Anna Dillon convinces her best friend Dante to travel with her to Thailand on a medical mission. While volunteering in a coastal village recently ravaged by a tsunami, Anna meets Jude Grayson. They share an instant attraction that leads to a brief, passionate affair. When she has to rush home for a family emergency, he promises to stay in touch.

But Jude never calls, and Anna tries desperately to forget him.

My Review:

I am behind on this review, but that is because I really wanted to read this book for you guys.So I could really review it & tell you about it. Well, I finally finished the book, which was very good and a page turner and I would have finished a lot sooner, if I wasn't so busy lately.

The book has a lot of twists and turns. A few expected but most really unexpected. It had me reading to the very end to see how it turned out. This is a love story/romance, with some interesting elements. I really wanted to see how things turned out in the end. A few times I was tempted to skip ahead.. ha-ha but I didn't. I kept on reading and was really happy with the ending. I would recommend this book if you like a good romance. And one with a strong female character too. I really liked Anna, one of the main characters. She had a lot of personality and spunk.

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