Thursday, April 9, 2015

Trends in Air Conditioning Technology to Look Out for

The air conditioning industry isn’t considered to be one of the most high tech sectors, but it is changing more rapidly than most consumers would ever expect. There are a number of major trends on the horizon that people should be aware of.

How is Air Conditioning Changing Society?

Richard Hayter, a professor at Kansas State University, recently stated that changes in air conditioning technology have had a profound impact on our culture. People living in high temperature regions are more comfortable, which means that they are less likely to relocate. As a result, southern cities have grown larger.
People have also become much more productive. According to the book “Losing Our Cool” by Stan Cox, high temperatures are associated with poor performances, so air conditioning has clearly helped boost worker productivity. As companies become more aware of these benefits, they are more likely to invest in dependable HVAC systems.

Changes in the Air Conditioning Industry

As customers become more aware of the benefits of air conditioning, they also become more demanding. HVAC manufacturers are developing a number of new features to improve customer satisfaction. Here are some of the upcoming trends.
More Remote Control Units
People have become very reliant on air conditioning. Many don’t even want to wait twenty minutes for their house to cool down after coming home. Many HVAC companies are creating remote control units so people can set them on their drive back.
More Energy Efficient
Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, so HVAC companies are developing more energy efficient systems. People are interested in buying air conditioners that have Energy Star certification or have verifiable reports showing that their units are far more energy efficient.
Greater Precision
Businesses across the country are conducting extensive studies to find new ways to boost employee productivity. Since the new healthcare law went into effect, they have also taken a variety of steps to improve employee wellness. Keeping a cool workplace has been shown to play an important role in both employee productivity and health, so they will want HVAC solutions that keep temperatures at an optimal level.

Air Conditioners Are Improving Every Day

Air conditioner manufacturers are taking many new steps to improve the quality of life for their customers. You should pay attention to the different systems that are being sold at Rapid Air to make sure that you find a system that suits your needs.  

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