Monday, October 22, 2012

Frush Yogurt & Fruit Shakes Review

Hey, guys I have a really cool review for you. It is from the company who makes Frush.

A couple of weeks ago, I received a big package in the mail. It came with a case of Frush. In all kinds of flavors. Including Strawberry Banana, Blueberry, Peach & Strawberry.

The package also came with some pins, a Frush mat, some coupons, and two of those cool draw string bags. And probably some other stuff I'm forgetting about.

Here is some product info on Frush:

früsh is manufactured by Origin Food Group, a company that is committed to developing healthy, affordable, tasty and innovative foods that offer healthy alternatives for today's fast-paced lifestyles. We believe producing value-added products gives our customers the nutrition they need while fitting seamlessly into their lifestyles. We don't just make food. We make it better.
früsh is a Yogurt & Fruit Shake in 8.4 oz and 32 oz. sizes found in the dairy case of your local grocery store.

früsh is real fruit blended together with rich, creamy yogurt and all-natural health booster like HOWARU® Bifido probiotics and TruCal® Calcium. It's a delicious on-the-go superdrink that lets you eat healthier without having to turn your world upside down. Add some nutritious "feel-good" to your daily routine. Shake It Up.

I was to get at least 10 taste tasters of Frush. Of course it was easy to get my kids to try some:

The hard part was getting them not to have them all. Since this package arrived on a Friday, I had to wait until Monday, when my husband could bring some into his coworkers. So I had to keep some separate and beg the kids not to drink them all!

My husband, my daughter's friend and I also tried them over that weekend!

Then my husband brought them to work. And had some people try them there.

This coworker, apparently had never tried drinkable yogurt  and found it somewhat odd. But then he tried the Frush and really liked it:

This coworker really, really loved it (my husband said):

She liked it too, and wanted to know where to buy some:

Here's a few more coworkers who enjoyed the Frush:

My husband brought some coupons into everyone the next day, and told them a store around here that carries them is Food Lion. Because that is what everyone wanted to know - were they could buy some! Check here to find a store near you: Store Locator.

Here's some links to check out too:

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Discloser: I would like to thank the Frush Company for providing me with all the materials needed for this review! No other compensation was given & all opinions are my own.