Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back from camping

Hey guys. We went camping for a few days on the Columbus Day weekend.

We had a good time. And I can't believe how many people actually were there. The place was full. More then they even had in the middle of the summer. We went in August, and there hardly was any one there.

Well anyway, remember I had said my son wanted to rent a kayak - well when we went to do that they said these kind they have you are sitting in a bunch of water, they kayak sinks in so your bottom half is emerged. Being October and the water is pretty cold, it's not a good time of year for that. Hopefully next Summer he definitely will have to try that.

So instead we rented some paddle boats. They kind you peddle with your feet. My daughter really wanted to try that. They could have used some boat covers on them though. My son's and mine was filled with water. The kid who worked there had to tip the whole thing over. I felt bad for this kid, because he said he had hurt his back in a football game the night before. So he was really having a hard time with it. My son helped him out as best he could.

Once we got going we had a fun time. My daughter especially loved the paddle boats. I'll try to post some pictures in a little bit of our trip!

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