Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Talk about Food and Beverage

Hey guys. Do you like to go food shopping? Some times it is a chore, but once in a while it can be fun.

We recently went to a store that sold a lot of different kinds of foods. Like some different kinds of fruits and vegetables you don't see everywhere.

Also a great bakery section, with a lot of unique pastries and baked goods. Ones you don't come across to often. You want to buy one of everything.

This kind of food shopping is fun! Not just going for the necessities, but picking up some foods, that you haven't tried before.

I also noticed a great wine selection in this store. I love wine, don't you? I am not an expert on wine, but I do like to try some different kinds. I would love to get a brief history of argentinian wines to help me make a selection next time. But until then, I will buy what I think I might like.

Do you find food shopping a chore sometimes?  Do you ever just go for fun to a specialty store? I want to go back to this store my husband and I found awhile ago. Maybe pick up some food & beverages for a picnic or something. That sounds like fun! 


  1. my kids beg me to take them to costco for all the samples....it is kind of fun tasting new thin gs....and many time I end up buying the products too.

    1. that is fun too - getting the free samples - lol!

  2. I do love strolling through those specialty stores, but I'm cheap, so I hardly ever break down and buy anything. lol

    1. me too, actually, I like to think of it as "frugal" lol


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