Friday, August 24, 2012

Look at Carolina Beach or Wilmington NC

I would love to check out some homes in the Carolina Beach area. I was recently looking at some Wilmington NC real estate.

Maybe someday we could rent a house for a summer getaway. That would be so awesome. The kids would love that. They love the beach so it would be so fun to do a summer rental right on the beach. Don't you think? I have never done something like that, but I would love to make it a possibility some time! What about you? Have you ever rented a house for a vacation?

This  really could work. I am actually not that far away from Wilmington NC now, so maybe we could do this sometime. I was just looking at a condo, that is right on Carolina Beach, and the rates actually where pretty reasonable. Maybe we could rent it for a few days, and it didn't seem any more expensive then staying in a hotel.

The one I was looking at says Ocean Front view and just steps away from the ocean. That sounds so nice. I think I will talk to my husband about this and see if we could maybe do this some time!


  1. i would love to rent a vacation house!
    -stephanie jones

  2. got a hurrivane blowing threw soon..look out