Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Need Some Boating Supplies

Hi guys? It's Summer - right? Do you like to do a lot of boating this time of year?

There is a really cool river around here that is good for boating. I have been there fishing from the shore. And see a lot of boats going by. All kinds of boats too. Like kayaks, canoes, power boats, etc. I really want to try kayaking sometime.

One very important boating supply - is life jackets. I am a huge believer in them. And would never go out in a boat without one. And I am really happy when I see other boaters wearing them. So far - wherever I go, I have noticed most people wearing a life jacket. So that is good news. We even saw some dogs with life jackets! Which is so cute! And probably a good idea, since some of the little dogs might jump over & can't swim that well.

Do you own a boat? And if so - do you wear your life jacket?