Thursday, July 12, 2012

Love the look of Shutters

When I look at a house - one of the things I always notice is the shutters. I just really love the look of shutters on a house. Don't you?

There are so many different kinds of shutters to pick from. I just found out about all the choices. One kind is composite shutters. These are long lasting and affordable shutters.

These are long lasting, because they are made of High Density Structural PVC. And they also have aluminum  reinforcement too. These have the look of wood - but are pretty much maintenance fee. These shutters are so functional!

They also come in a lot of different styles and colors! One shutter color I noticed - was a brick red type color. That really stands out to me and I like it a lot. What about you? Do you notice shutters on a house? And do you love the look also?

One other thing I found out is that you can now order shutters online. You can buy exterior shutters and shutter hardware online now! Isn't that cool?

Here's a picture of one of the shutters I liked:

What design & colors do you like? Oh and by the way, I also found out that they ship nationwide. So check out some shutters - they look pretty easy to install too!


  1. I love the look of shutters. So many houses would look better if they had shutters. Ours have faded and need painted. Maybe that's why more people don't have them! LOL

  2. yes..they add the perfect touch!