Friday, February 10, 2012

clipix - Organize your life

Hi friends! I would like to let you all know about clipix. First I think you should watch the video below. It will give you all a better idea about what this is about.

I just signed up for an account. And it was really easy. I signed up through Twitter. You can also use Facebook or your email.  This is gonna be great to save stuff on. Ever look online and see stuff - and then you wish you had a way to save it. But you never do. Then when you want to remember it again. You have to search all over again. 

Like I was just in the book store yesterday and I saw tons of books I would like to read. I now just searched online for some of these books and I just clipped them onto clipix. This way I will be able to remember all these great books I was thinking of.

I really encourage you my friends to go check this site out and sign up for yourselves. What would you use clipix for. Some examples are gift ideas, restaurants, movies you want to see. What can you think of? Please  go now and sign up for this awesome site. And let me know in the comments what you think would be a good use for it!

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