Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WW #142 "More American Girl Store Photos"

Here is some more pictures from our trip to the American Girl Store.

Before we left with one of her dolls "Rebecca" that she "took to lunch."

Daughter & her doll - visiting other dolls at the American Girl Store:

I love this one! Hubby with American Girl - Kaya - he told me to take it.

And a few in the Hawaiian Hut with her doll, and the new doll of the year named Kanani, which of course she wants.

We had fun visiting the American Girl Store and having lunch there. And of course she wants to do that again too.

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  1. My daughter kind of missed the whole thing with the American Girl dolls - but have some friends whose daughters have gotten very involved! Happy WW! Beautiful daughter BTW! :)

  2. I remember loving to play with my dolls and `feeding` them.
    So much fun!

  3. Looks like fun! My girls haven't discovered American Girl dolls yet!

  4. Cute! She must really love those dolls.

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  5. As soon as I had Emily those magazines started showing up at the do they know?! LOL Looks like fun!

  6. I love those dolls!!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  7. I want to go! When I was a girl, those were my favorite dolls. It was such a big deal to get one!

  8. I only wish I had been the one to think up those dolls! Brilliant - and a complete cash cow.

  9. I got my grand daughter's into American Girl. (So I could live vicariously through them).
    We usually go to the store in New York around Christmas time (craziness) and then again in the summer.
    It is expensive but as my husband says I started it:)
    Your daughter is beautiful!
    I am a new visitor and follower via Java and Follow Friday.

  10. Do you know how many dolls they actually have? I'm curious! I'll bet that island doll is just beautiful.

  11. These dolls are great. They'll give your daughter education and imagination!