Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Economy & Business

I've talked in the past about my sister-in-laws business. If you don't recall - she had started originally an "An Antique" shop. But as she has gone along, she has re-thought the design of her shop.

The economy has a lot to do with it - in my opinion anyway. For example, there was a shop right in the same plaza, but sometime before Thanksgiving it went out of business. That is sad, but on the other hand it could help out my sister-in-law. That is because when she first opened up her and the owner of the other shop made an agreement. And that was to not sell similar items.

But now my SIL is able to sell items she couldn't before. Which includes jewelry. So now instead of just being an antique shop, her business has expanded. So she has really become somewhat of a "consignment shop." Last time I was visiting her I saw that she was selling someone's handmade jewelry. It was very nice and she should really think about getting a glass retail display case. This could really help her sell some more jewelry and display it in a really nice way.

So on one hand the economy can hurt your business or I feel it can help you too. What do you think?


  1. I agree. The slow economy can help some businesses and hurt others. It just depends on what the business is and the type of competition it has. Glad to hear that your sister in law's business is doing well.

  2. I hope your sister's business does well. And I hope the economy in general gets much better soon!

  3. I should think that location would also play a huge role in it. I hope her business thrives!