Tuesday, April 27, 2021

What to Wear When Horseback Riding

 Whether you've been riding horses for years or are attending a one-time activity, any time you plan to get on a horse you need to make sure you're dressed properly. Just like you always put on a coat and hat when it's cold outside, there's some protective clothing you should wear when riding a horse to keep your skin and self safe from any potential harm.


Every equestrian outfit requires some type of helmet to protect your noggin in case of a fall. Some horses stand as tall as five feet off the ground, so a fall from that height could definitely do some damage. These helmets are especially necessary in any type of competition where the horse is moving a fast speeds or manuevering in special ways, such as jumping in equestrian competitions or barrel racing at a rodeo.

Shirts and Vests

You might have an image of a cowboy in flannel galloping through a field on his horse and think this is the only proper horseback attire. For cooler climates or rides through the woods where branches and brambles might catch on your skin, a long-sleeve durable shirt like flannel is definitely a good pick. It's not your only option though. When training your horse or spending a day at the stables, a favorite T-shirt or sweatshirt will be suitable. If you're planning to show your horse at a formal event, however, there are likely rules stipulating specifically how you need to dress. For example, many equestrian competitions require white polo shirts.

When it's cold outside, many riders opt for a vest over a jacket because it leaves your arms and shoulder more room to maneuver the reigns. This can help with your range of motion and feeling like you still have adequate control of your horse.


Long pants should always be worn when riding a horse to make sure you don't rub a rash or irritate your skin on the horse's flanks. It also helps you to keep from getting scratched or bruised if the horse accidentally passes you too close to forest brush, a tree, or even the fence. 


Lasly, every rider needs a good pair of boots. Boots are designed specifically with little tread so they easily slip in and out of a stirrup. They can also provide extra protection for your feet and ankles when dealing with a horse from the ground.

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