Monday, February 15, 2021

4 Destinations that Both Kids and Adults Will Love After Covid

 With most vacations being off the cards for the greater part of last year, you may now be starting to look for the best places to take your kids once travel restrictions ease globally. 2020 was a tough year for both kids and adults, and with most people now ready for a break, here are some of the top destinations to treat yourself to a vacation to. 

  1. Hawaii

Whether you are planning to travel as a family or looking for a guilt-free trip away from the kids, Hawaii is a great option for everyone, no less because it is close to mainland USA and is currently open to people who can show a negative COVID-19 test. Then, if you cannot wait until restrictions ease across the world to travel, Hawaii is a great destination where you can soak up the sun, learn to surf, and explore exciting places of natural beauty, such as dormant volcanoes. To enjoy a vacation that you have previously only dreamed about, you should book accommodation at Waikiki beach resorts for the ultimate Hawaiian experience.

  1. Finland

Finland has always been a popular option with families across the world due to the country’s connection to the Moomins and Santa Claus, and this is not likely to change after COVID. 2021 is also the perfect time to travel to Finland as a family since many of the celebrations for the Moomin’s 75th anniversary, which took place in 2020, are still in effect, such as special exhibitions across Helsinki and beyond. Not only this, but Scandinavia has maintained constant COVID rates throughout the pandemic, and so traveling here should be fairly safe when borders re-open. 

  1. Florida

If you want to enjoy a vacation closer to home in 2021, Florida has been a children’s paradise since the opening of Disney World. However, Florida offers amazing activities for both children and their parents, with there even being adult-themed activities in Disney Springs, with late night clubs and bars opening every evening. You should also consider exploring the natural environment while you are away, such as going on a dolphin-watching boat trip or spotting alligators in the Everglades. 

  1. The Maldives

Although you might associate the Maldives with honeymoons, this is not the case, and there are many child-friendly activities that your family can enjoy while you are away. While you can recline on one of the Maldives’ many beaches and perfect your tan, you can book a place for your kids at one of the many kid’s clubs along the coast, ensuring that both the adults and children in your party can have the vacation that they have dreamed about. 

Compromising on the family vacation that you have planned when you have kids can be frustrating. However, as this guide has shown, there are many destinations where you can enjoy the best of both worlds and ensure that both you and your kids are able to create memories that you will all treasure forever. 

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