Thursday, May 28, 2020

Effective Ways to Reach your Target Markets

When you’re trying to reach your target markets online, it can be challenging to get your brand in front of them. Every day, consumers are saturated with email promotions and ads as they scroll through social media. If you’re a smaller brand, how can you compete with all the noise? You can try and mimic these guys, or, you can approach the situation with calculated SEO strategy. When you can take a step back to look at industry trends and what your competitors are doing, you can develop and implement SEO strategies that will help increase your visibility, make your brand unique, and drive traffic to you.

Local SEO
If your business isn’t solely eCommerce based, local SEO can produce great results by promoting your products and/or services to local consumers. The City of Raleigh, North Carolina is a great city for local SEO. Known for its vibrant downtown scene, there are dozens of shops, restaurants, and bars scattered about the city. If you were opening a new spa in the area, local SEO could help you achieve more foot and online traffic. If one of your target markets was younger consumers between 20 and 30, you could easily optimize your Raleigh SEO to cater directly to this population. When a user searches “spas near me,” your business could be one of the first ones they see as you continue working on your local SEO.

To stand out from competitors, your brand identity is a good way to distinguish yourself. However, you can have awesome branding and a gorgeously designed website and still not rank well. If you don’t have content on your site, you aren’t getting the most out of the keywords that you’re ranked for. This may not be many, if any, when you’ve just launched. You can use sites like SEMRush to check your keywords and develop a strategy moving forward. While its frowned upon to keyword stuff—using a plethora of keywords in a single piece of content—you should use variants of them throughout without overdoing it. Another significant and effective approach using content is thinking creatively. Don’t add blog topics that dozens of others in your industry have already written. Take time to brainstorm ideas that you haven’t seen discussed in depth. Is there a different way to talk about an important topic? Would an infographic help explain complex processes in a fun, easy to understand way? What would your target markets like to see that competitors might not have nailed down? Think of your favorite brands across all industries and take notes from their content marketing. What have they done that has reeled you in as a loyal customer? This could make a huge difference for your business and reaching your target audiences.

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