Monday, October 23, 2017

Dog Treat Pouch #review

Today I have a review for a cool product I received. It is for a dog treat pouch by Looeys. Here is some product info:

  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: This heavy-duty dog training bag is made to last. With its ergonomic design and high-quality materials, our rapid rewards pouch is perfect for your doggie. Made of lightweight waterproof nylon fabric material that will keep your dog treats dry, now you can enjoy your outdoor daily doggy walks or training sessions without any worries.
  • EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: LOOEYS dog training pouch comes with a drawstring so it will be fast and secure to grab some snacks from its interior, it's also easy to clean because has a pull-out liner. With our built-in poop bags dispenser, your waste bag will be ready right when you need it.

for more info check out Amazon but my review is that I really like this product. My daughter and I actually bought a different type one over the summer but we didn't use it much because we didn't really like it. 

This one we just got we do like. It says it is a training pouch which we don't really use but it comes with a "clicker" we tried it a little and might look into that more. But we like it because it holds the treats in it, it has a place for the bags, which come out the side. My daughter can fit her i-phone in it, we put the car keys in it and hand sanitizer. It also has a lot more storage for other things too. But these are the things so far that we use and come in handy when we take the dog on a walk. 


Another thing we like about it is that it fits kinda just like a purse. Or my daughter likes to wear over her shoulder. I guess there is a strap you can wear around waist we didn't try yet
Here is a picture of me and my dog Mabel at the park the other day.

photo of my daughter doing a silly pose with the bag too

If you are looking for a nice bag for your dog walks then I would really recommend this item to you. If you would like to purchase the Looeys Dog Training Treat Pouch...visit

disclosure: free product received for review purposes only. 

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