Tuesday, May 16, 2017


This weeks book for the May blog tour is THE SHEIKH'S BOUGHT WIFE, by Sharon Kendrick.

Read below how the author shares her Writing Space :

I write in a small room in my house right opposite my bedroom, so I don’t have very far to go to work!  I have an orange velvet chaise-longue on which I lie when I’m desperately seeking inspiration and there are various framed pieces of embroidery on the walls (I love embroidery, though am much too ham-fisted to be any good at it myself!).  

Above my desk you can see an amazing signed print by one of my favorite artists, Bob Dylan.  It’s of a woman sitting in a room and she looks like she’s thinking? but what is she thinking?

Lastly, there’s the view from my window – a patch of green in the distance and, in the foreground – a piece of stained glass hanging in the window.  There is also a terracotta tub filled with strawberry plants, which the birds will probably get to before I do!  But one thing I’ve learned during my writing career is that the view is incidental – and if my story is working, all I can “see” are the characters and the world they inha

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