Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bashert: book review and #giveaway

Hey guys. I just finished a really cool book. It is called Bashert, by Herb Freed.

Here is some info on book:

Bashert (Yiddish): a person’s ideal and predestined soulmate; destiny.

In the Jewish faith, there’s a belief that the universe hinges on predetermined people finding the one person who completes them, their bashert. In BASHERT (Bellrock Press; February 14, 2017) author, director, screenwriter and former Rabbi, Herb Freed, spins the intimate and heart-wrenching true tale of what it truly means to find your soulmate, your bashert.

Dan Sobol is a rabbi turned director, who’s known for his cinematic television commercials. He meets Marion Gladstone, a writer and film editor, at a screenwriter’s event in Los Angeles, and as soon as she hears Dan’s voice, she just knows. It’s bashert. Soon they become partners in business as well as life; he directs, she writes and edits, and life becomes an amazing adventure. Until Cancun, where Marion has an eerie premonition that could change everything.

my review:

guys, I really like the idea behind this book. Soulmates! I don't know much about the Jewish faith but this book really was interesting and brought me a lot of information on it. I love that word Bashert. And meaning that there is someone out there for you. And if you are lucky enough to find your Bashert or soulmate than it is ordained. 

The book was very fascinating. And I really liked the relationship between Marion and Dan. This is a mind-blowing story and the ending is sort of a roller coaster, but it is great how if two people are meant to be together then no realm or universe can keep them apart. There is also some other compelling characters in the book, like their daughter Molly and her fiance. If you read this book you will be heartbroken at some parts and deeply moved in others. I would really recommend this book to you if you would like an new and different kind of love story.

You can purchase this book on Amazon here, or enter below to win a copy:

Bashert, by Herb Freed.

about the author:
HERB FREED started his adult life as an ordained rabbi and became the spiritual leader of Temple Beth Shalom in Lake Mahopac, New York while producing and directing three shows at the Maidman Playhouse in New York City. Eventually, he resigned his pulpit to become a movie director. He has directed and produced 15 feature films most of which have had psychological, spiritual and/or social themes in spite of their commercial categories. He is best known for Graduation Day, a horror film, and Tomboy, a teenage romp, as well as the psychological drama Haunts, and CHILD2MAN, a story of survival during the Watts riots.

disclosure: giveaway for copy of book to 48 US contiguous states only. *free materials to review*may contain aff. links.

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