Saturday, December 10, 2011

Try Gravy Master This Holiday Season

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Hey guys. I've got some great info. I want to share with you all! It is about a cool product I learned about. It's called GravyMaster

Maybe you are already familiar with it? I wasn't so I found out some details about it though that I thought were interesting. I'm sure you are thinking that GravyMaster must be to make gravy, well that is true. But GravyMaster is not just for gravy.

GravyMaster can help you to Master the meal. Especially during the Holiday season it could really come in handy. Some of the other uses for it are, caramelizing veggies or other foods. And it also helps to lock in flavors  and juices. It has ingredients that can really help your holiday recipes. Try it out this holiday season!

Some ideas are that it can lock in flavors for your grilled meats or veggies. It also is great on fish. Caramelizing foods is another use. And it can be used in sauces or reducing sauces. With all these uses Gravy Master is actually not just for the holidays - it's for everyday!

I would love to make some Chicken Teriyaki using Gravy Master. Sounds yummy.


What would you like to make with GravyMaster?

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  1. I love finding new products like this. Have you made other items also? I remember doing a review for a BBQ sauce and we used it in so many fun ways.

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