Thursday, October 8, 2015

PMS Tea - Cramp Bark Tea for Menstrual Cramps #review

Hey everyone. I am reviewing today something i got recently. it is PMS Tea.

Here is a little info first about it

Be Prepared Period Menstrual Cramp Relief Tea is an all-natural organic loose leaf tea made from herbs that have been used to ease menstrual cramps and reduce symptoms of PMS for centuries. 

With no drugs, added caffeine, preservatives, artificial flavors or other chemicals, Be Prepared. Period’s cramp bark tea gives you a solution that you can rely on to help you feel at your best no matter what day of the month it is. Quick and simple to prepare, our menstrual cramp relief and PMS tea even tastes delicious, making it a special treat that you can use to pamper yourself before and during your period.


Organic chase tree berry
- Wild crafted cramp bark
- Organic ginger
- Organic chamomile
- Organic red raspberry leaf
- Parsley

my review

I've made this tea so far 3 times, i think. it works pretty good. i didn't have a loose tea infuser so i bought one at Walmart for only about 2 something dollars. I just put some of the pms tea in the ball and steeped it in hot water. It was very easy to make. it tastes good, and even one day, when i made it my husband asked what it was, because it smelled good he said.

As far as this helping with pms/cramps, in my opinion it did help a little. 

pic I took of the tea - comes in this cute container - <front & back>

now being in what i think is pre-menopause, unfortunately i feel like my period may even be worse than it was before. So I had some of this when i had some pms symptoms and it did seem to ease the bloating and cramps. It was very soothing and did help. Later on, during my actual period,  when I had some really bad cramps, i am not sure if it worked as much. I must say that it was very severe this month, so that could be why.

So I would recommend this tea to you to try for yourself. It is pretty reasonable priced on - Get it here

and it may be worth giving it a try for yourself, if you are like me and don't like to take  pills anyway.

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