Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

Hi all. I have posted pictures of my daughter's Halloween costume in the review I did before. But here is some pictures from actually Halloween night.

My daughter loves Halloween! She will be 14 in a few months but still plans on going out every year indefinitely - lol

She was actually able to go around the neighborhood with a group of maybe 10 kids. They came to our house for candy, and we were just about to start going out. She caught up with them and wanted to go with them. I was able to go home and pass out the candy. The other kids were her age and some even older. And we live in a pretty much closed neighborhood so it was cool. Even though my husband was overprotective and worried. She was home less then an 1 hr and a half later.

Picture of her & her Dad, when she got home. (he's wearing that zombie tux shirt I had gotten him - lol)

The Loot: