Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tree Pruning at my Mom's

Hi, guys as you may know I am up visiting my Mom, this week. While I am here I am helping her with some of her yard work.

She has a lot of over grown trees around her yard. And my son and I are helping her do some tree pruning. We want to cut back some of these tree branches before they get to big.

She does have one tree that over hangs her back deck. She is nervous of a branch falling, especially if they get a big storm this fall or winter. That tree is way to big for us to help her with.

Maybe she should call Sherrill Tree to find some equipment to take care of this tree she has. Do you think that would be a good idea?

Is your yard in need of tree pruning in cutting? Let me know in the comments how you handle your yard work. And do you help other family members with there's also? I am glad that I can help my mother with some things around her house while I am here visiting her.

Especially the tree pruning, because now that she is getting older, that is something she can no longer do on her own.