Sunday, October 28, 2012

Parnevu Hair Care Line Review

Hi everyone. I've got a terrific review for you all. It is from the company called Parnevu. 

I was asked to pick out three different products I would like to try. I went to the website and decided on some.

As I perused the selection of products I noticed they have a line of T-Tree Products. And a line of Extra Dry Products.

This all sounded great to me. As my hair has been really dry lately. So I knew I wanted some shampoo in conditioner from the Extra Dry products. Here is the shampoo I picked out to try:

And this is the conditioner :

I have been trying the Extra-Dry Salon Shampoo, and the Extra-DryAfter Shampoo Conditioner, for I think about 3 weeks now. And I really love them. They both have a really thick consistency to them. And really have been helping my dry hair. I also love the smell of them too.

For my 3rd product, I looked in the T-Tree section. And I noticed a leave in conditioner that looked interesting. I decided to get this one:

I love to use leave-in conditioner. And the T-Tree Leave-In Conditioner from Parnevu, doesn't disappoint  I feel like you don't need to use it everyday, I personally use it about 2-3 days a week. But I really like this one. Like the other products, this is a really thick cream. It goes on really nice. And the other thing I noticed right away is the smell. It reminds me - literally of the pina colada smell! So much so, when I first tried it I was singing that pina colada song to my daughter- lol. Anyway, you really have got to try these products!

Updated to add: 

I want to share with you a picture of my hair. My hair is normally curly/wavy. But if it's dry, I lose a lot of the curl. Using the Parnevu products, has really brought a lot of my curl back!

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Discloser: I would like to thank the Parnevu Company for providing me with the products needed for this review! No other compensation was given & all opinions are my own.