Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Keeping it Real

I don't really write a lot of personal stuff on here. But hey why not? But mostly because once in a great while a family member might read something. So I don't really gripe about anything on here. But something happened yesterday that really upset me to do with my family.

As I mentioned before - I went up to visit my Mom last month. She paid for our train tickets and pretty much everything else we did, but she can afford it. We thanked her plenty. Everything we did the kids and I piped up with a "thank you." It was also my son's birthday, and my Mom gave him a check.

When we got home I told my son to write her a thank you note. I have asked him to do so for a better part of 3 or more weeks. He didn't do it, that's 16 year olds for you. Also I would usually send my mother a thank you "email" with all the pictures I took. But her computer was broken so I didn't send it.

Well I think I have mentioned before that my step sister had terminal lung cancer. When I was at my mother's she wasn't doing too good. She didn't have much longer.

She died on August 11th. Which my heart goes out to her family. She was going to be a grandmother but she didn't live to see the baby born. Very sad. May she rest in peace.

I am sad about it. But the thing I am really pissed about is, I just found out about it yesterday. I came home after going to the library with my daughter. Checked the mail in the mail box, and inside is a "letter" from my mother. I can see before even opening it that inside is just one little newspaper clipping. I open it up to see my step-sisters obituary.

I called my mother and she told me about the wake that took place on the 18th. In the long run I probably couldn't have gone, because everyone is in Massachusetts and I am now in Virginia. But I would have liked to have been informed about it as soon as it happened by a simple phone call.

I then talked to one of my other sisters, who tells me that my mother is mad at me because I never really said thank you to her for her paying for my trip up their, etc. I am so angry with my mother, no matter what, I feel that was a pretty petty thing to do, and what is she 2? I wouldn't do that to my worst enemy! What the hell. Well 2 "thank you" notes are going in the mail to her today, I hope she's happy!

Thank you for letting me blow off some steam, if you've read this far :)