Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WW - "Boots"

I'm all for schools being strict on bullying and stuff like that. But I kinda disagree somewhat when they tell your kids what they can wear. If I feel like it is ok, then I don't think the school should get involved.

Case in point, my daughter bought these "boots" with some of her Christmas money. She was wearing them to school for over a month. Now all of a sudden they told her she couldn't wear them because they were slippers. These were being sold in the store as boots.

So now I had to go out and buy her some sneakers. Which cost a lot, because I guess all the kids are wearing this kind. I'm kinda mad at the school. (I guess they didn't make me buy these expensive ones, but I may not have had to, if they didn't ban her from wearing these "boots")