Friday, April 10, 2009

ATV Rollover Danger

ATV's can be a lot of fun. It is becoming a sport all on it's own. Many people are buying them and getting out there and using them.

I personally have never been on one. I really can't see myself ever trying one. Mostly because it's just not my thing. I'm not really a thrill seeker, I'm actually kind of a wimp on trying anything like that. But I can see the lure that ATV's might have for others.

While ATV's may be fun, there can also be a very dangerous side to them too. Take for instance the Yamaha Rhino Side by Side. This is an ATV that has recently had a major recall, because of rollover risk. The
Yamaha Rhino Rollover problem, has caused serious injuries.

Many riders have been injured and are filing lawsuits. The injuries many have suffered have included: broken legs (tibia), broken arms, and devastating head and spinal cord injuries. The rollovers with the Rhino have been blamed on it's high center of gravity and small wheel base. Many Rhinos also do not come with passenger side doors, so while the Rhino is rolling over, many leg injuries have occurred because of this. Passengers in the Rhino have tried to balance the Rhino, while it is rolling over thus in turn causing serious injuries.

If you like ATV's, I'm sure they can be very fun. But please be careful, while using them. And please take into consideration the information available about the Yamaha Rhino ATV Rollovers.


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  1. I ride ATV's. I do not ride the side by side kind. Think those are just glorified golf carts. Silly things.

    You don't have to be a thrill seeker to ride. My friend and I ride for slow relaxing pleasure.

    There is always a risk of injury in all sports. On that note, people should be wearing proper protective gear when riding any ATV.

    Even though I don't go fast or do crazy stuff on our ATV's I still wear a helmet (its the law) and I wear clothing appropriate to the activity.

    I have never rolled over an ATV, but I have a family member that has. If she'd tried the same maneuver in a car, she would have rolled it. You can't go sideways up a steep hill and expect to not tip over. Common sense is needed when riding.

    If you cannot use common sense while riding an ATV, then you shouldn't. My family member learned her lesson the hard way. I don't think she's been on one since. No, she wasn't hurt, just her ego.


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