Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #1 - Camping Equipment List

My first Thursday Thirteen. Since I'm going camping again next week I thought I'd list the:

Top 13 Camping Equipment Items, you need to go camping.

  1. Something to sleep in (either, tent, RV, pop-up, trailer, etc.)
  2. Sleeping bags
  3. Something to cook on. (We have both a Coleman stove & a gas grill)
  4. Coolers (store meats and food that needs to be refrigerated in one, drinks in another, to prevent cross-contamination)
  5. Pots & pans (different sizes, frying pans, etc. that you might need depending on what your cooking)
  6. Cooking utensils (including: spatulas, colander, knives, can opener, etc.)
  7. First aid kit
  8. Water container (or something to keep water in, you can get water at the campsites, no need to bring your own for cooking, but make sure you bring something to put the water in!)
  9. Chairs (collapsible type, for sitting around the fire, etc)
  10. Coleman Lantern (propane or electric, for lighting up the campsite at night)
  11. Flashlights
  12. Coffee maker (if you like coffee, which me and my husband need. We have a Coleman one now that works great)
  13. Bug Spray! (and citronella candles, or anything that will keep the bugs away. There can be mosquitoes! Last time we went they weren't to bad though.)

Thanks for reading my first Thursday Thirteen.

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