Saturday, May 10, 2008

My Family'sTrip to Disney World (Part II)

On my trip to Disney World my family and I "hit" all the Parks they have. We had the "Park Hopper" passes, so you can go from park to park in one day. Some days we did two to three different parks in one day!

When we first arrived, my son and I especially, felt somewhat sick. We had kind of a turbulent flight, my son was sick a few hours after we got there. He didn't really like the plane ride! But he started to feel better and we were able to get to the Magic Kingdom on our first day. Let's just say it was super crowded! Being a Sunday, I think when a lot of other people start their vacations, and the Magic Kingdom was open to 2 am that day! We saw the (I think it's called) Electric light Parade. Pretty cool! But kind of hard to see through the crowd!

The next day we went to the Animal Kingdom, awesome! I loved it the "Safari" they have it is so cool! You get to see the animals so up close in natural surroundings. We actually did the Safari two times throughout our stay. They also have a trail where you can walk around in see other animals. I especially loved the Gorillas. They have a whole area where there are Gorillas and they are so close to you with only a small barrier dividing you. It was so awesome!

Tip: If you are staying at one of the Disney Resorts, there are special hours for
the parks. For example Animal Kingdom on the Monday we were there was open at 8:00 am, an hour early then the general public can get in. And Epcot was open 2 hours late another night. I highly recommend taking advantage of this, you can really get a jump on the crowds this way.

We pretty much did all the parks one to two times each, while we were there. Besides Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Which has the Tower of Terror and The Rock n' Roller Coaster! Which my kids chickened out on both! We didn't really even consider the Tower of Terror, but we were in line for the Rock n' Roller Coaster when my daughter said she was scared and both kids decided they didn't want to do it, we headed to the exit, while Dad did it on his own! It goes from 0 to 60 in like the first 3 seconds! My husband said it was cool. That was one thing while we were there that my husband & I did, if the kids didn't want to go on a ride we tried not to force them, we encouraged them to give them a chance especially one's I knew weren't scary but if they really didn't want to do it we didn't make them.

Epcot I think was actually the kids favorite park. There is a lot to do and see there. There favorite ride out of all the rides at Disney World was in Epcot. "Test Track," which is a car ride, in which you "test" a car. You test the brakes, etc., ending with a 60 mile an hr. loop around a track! It was so cool! Another really cool ride at Epcot Center was Soarin'. This is a ride where you feel like your hang gliding. It's hard to explain (check out the link for a better idea) but believe me it was great!

Tip: At the parks they have something called "Fast Pass." At first we were skeptical about using it. But by the second day there we used it a bunch of times. "Fast Pass " lets you essentially get a pass on a ride. You get your pass then it gives you a time (usually about an hour later ) to come back, you get in a special line and get on the ride with little or no wait , and in the mean time you can go do other things instead of waiting in line. It's great and really came in handy for some of the more popular rides like "Test Track."

We also went to two water parks Typhoon Lagoon & Blizzard Beach. Which were both great and the kids loved them! My son even did the Humunga Kowabunga, which is a huge water slide with like a 60 foot drop!

A few more tips:

1.Buy an autograph book. One of my kids (especially my daughter's) favorite part about the trip was seeing the characters and getting her picture taken with them. We also bought her an autograph book so she could get their signatures.
2. Buy the refillable cups. At the hotel they sell cups that you can reuse to buy drinks. This came in handy for extra drinks throughout the day (even most importantly coffee for Mom & Dad - lol)

3. Disney's Photo Pass. This is a cool service they have now at Disney. Photographers throughout the park will take your photo. Then they put it all on one card. When you get home you can view them online. And purchase the photos you want. It's great for getting the "whole" family in the photo. I might purchase a few good ones that came out of all of us.

4. Buy Disney Dollars. Before we left I bought the kids $25.00 each in Disney Dollars. If the kids have some money saved or Grandma or Auntie want to get them something tell them to get Disney Dollars. You can purchase them at any Disney Store, and they're good on buying souvenirs, while you're there.

5. Book your own vacation. I planned the whole vacation myself right online, at Disney I think it saved me some money doing it myself. But if not check out your travel agent & compare. Look at all options.

That's a few tips I have. Hope it helps anybody planning a trip to Disney World. Also above is only some of the highlights of what we did, we actually did even more than I'm saying. And there was also a lot at Disney World we
didn't do. You really can't do it all! Before I left I said this might be the last trip there, but we had such a great time, maybe we will go back in a few years.

Here's a few more pictures: